Food Technology and Human Nutrition






Short description of the program::


Form of study: full-time studies
Title of qualification: Master of science
Classification according to area of education: 1. Agricultural, forestry, and veterinary science; 2. medical science, health science and physical activity
Areas of science and scientific disciplines to which learning outcomes refer: 1. Agricultural science; 2. Food technology and nutrition


After finishing the study graduate will have the ability to use advanced knowledge in the field of food chemistry, technical, technological and economic sciences as well as human nutrition. The graduate become a specialist in the field of processing, preservation and storage of food and product high quality design. Additionally he will know the principles of proper human nutrition and marketing including food law. He will be prepared to work as an engineer and/or manager in food processing factories as well as other units dealing with the acquisition, storage and distribution of food and mass caterers. The graduate will also be able to organize production, including the selection of machinery and equipment, and to conduct an economic calculation of production. Using a computer technologies graduate will be able to manage and control technological processes. The graduate will also be prepared to take up research and challenges on third-cycle (PhD) studies.


Student limit: 15 (including 8 foreigners and 7 polish citizens)


Gender parity: 13W +2M (7W + 1M in group of foreigners)


Overall conditions: :


Staff: All the teachers involved in the programme are researchers and teachers making up a highly qualified staff of the University of Agriculture, each holding at least a PhD degree and fluent in English. Some classes and lectures will be taught by foreign teachers, currently employed as visiting professors to make the programme more attractive and diversified.


Financial support for students: The project provides scholarships for foreign students in the amount of PLN 1500 per month (about 350 euro). Students from Poland will receive material support in accordance with the regulations of the scholarship system of the University of Agriculture in Krakow.


Recruitment: The recruitment process is planned for the period in February 2019.


Students who have obtained a diploma with the professional title of a bachelor or engineer in this field of Food Technology and Nutrition, described by the relevant learning outcomes or with the professional title of a bachelor, engineer or master's degree in a related field (Biotechnology, Dietetics, Quality and safety of food, Food commodity and other food related life sciences), can apply for admission to studies.


In case of students who have obtained the diploma in Food Technology and Nutrition the recruitment process will base on the diploma. In any other case diploma and online interview.


Applicants should be fluent in English (B2 level by means of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR or equivalent). In case of lack of language certificate an online interview is possible.


Recruitment process:


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