Faculty: Agriculture and Economics
Main field: Environmental Protection
Speciality: Agroecology
Contact person: Krystyna Ciarkowska Ph.D. ,D.Sc,
Fees: the candidates are requested to pay enrolment fee of 20 EUR
Tuition fee: Students from EU and EFTA countries - 0 Euro; other countries 1000 EUR/ semester
Students who achieve excellent results in studies will be granted scholarships to cover the cost of accommodation (to be decided after the first semester).

Our objectives

Agroecology is a modern approach to agriculture, where farming considers not only economic aspects but also widely understood ecological needs of the agrocenoses and adjoining areas. Contemporary farmer should possess extensive knowledge on plants and animals in rural areas and be aware of the relationships between living organisms and the natural environment.
Implementation of the rules of ecology into agricultural practice will allow for obtaining safe and healthy food. While realizing study programme a graduate will acquire knowledge about the impact of agricultural activity on the environment, organic systems of farming and food production but also on multifunctional rural development and economic aspects of these processes, which improves employment opportunities in the European Union institutions.

General information

Studies in Agroecology are offered as a two-year (4 semesters) programme, a specialization within the Environmental Protection. The programme comprises thematic areas (modules) addressing a variety of issues, including agricultural activity impact on the environment, organic systems of farming and food production, multifunctional rural development and economic aspects of these processes. Each module is composed of lectures, seminars and laboratory classes. About one third of all courses is optional.
We welcome the graduates from first degree programmes such as Bachelor (BA or BSc.) in: Protection of the Natural Environment, Horticulture, Economics, Biology, Food Technology or other fields of Agriculture. All candidates should present a language certificate from a well recognized language school or will be requested to take an examination in English at the University of Agriculture.
Admission numbers to Agroecology Programme have been limited to 15 persons, which will ensure individual working relations between students and teachers. Students progress is evaluated on the basis of their active participation in and contribution to the programme. The programme concludes with Master Thesis leading to a Magister degree in Agroecology with a note that the programme was taught in English.


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