Food Technology and Human Nutrition
Faculty: Food Technology
Main field: Food Technology and Human Nutrition
Speciality: Food Technology
Programme Director: dr hab. Agnieszka Filipiak-Florkiewicz
Contact person: dr hab. inż. Emilia Bernaś,
Fees: the candidates are requested to pay enrolment fee of 20 EUR
Tuition fee: Students from EU and EFTA countries - 0 Euro; other countries 1 625 EUR/ semester

General information

Graduates in Food Technology and Human Nutrition are equipped with knowledge and skills in technical, technological, nutritional, and economic science. They are educated to be specialists experienced in food processing, food preservation, and storage as well as in food quality control. The graduates can therefore occupy engineering positions in enterprises, companies, or institutions engaged in the processing, control, or distribution of food as well as be employed as specialists in human nutrition. Graduates are skilled to organize production, including machinery and equipment selection, and perform economic analyses. They know the principles of the food market and product marketing as well as services which relate to the food technology and human nutrition.


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